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Hell Hole Swamp Festival Parade

Mark Guerry

May 7, 2022

We are currently accepting application for our parade which is free for all to participate in. For more details on how to register please click the Read More button below

We've made registration for the parade easy this year and it's free to all. If you'd like to register for our parade, please click on the link below to complete the online registration form.


Parade Route

The route will start on Wool Rd off French Santee Road and end at Greenleaf Drive before the railroad tracks.

Parade Check-in and Line-up

One person from your entry must check in with the Parade director located at the corner of Wool Rd and French Santee Rd 11:30 a.m. to verify your attendance.

Candy Distribution

Distributing candy is approved. If you wish to distribute candy, you may do so from your vehicle as long as your throw it well into the crowd and not on the road as this can be hazardous to children running in the road.

Entry Component Requirements

Entrants must provide own transportation/entry component for the parade.

Decorations cannot drag on the roadway and must have proper clearance around all wheels and exhaust systems.

Any animals in parade must have someone responsible for cleaning up.

Make sure all children under the age of 18 are supervised by a responsible adult.

Use common sense with your float – ensure proper construction and make sure that minors stay sitting or marching throughout the entire parade.

Finishing the Parade Route

After completing the parade route, please DO NOT turn around and go back towards parade traffic. Proceed to the soft ball area for parking or wait until the parade concludes to return to the festival area for parking or to exit the area. If you need to return to the staging area or other parked vehicles, please wait until the parade is over to do so.

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